Student Registration

Arise Academy Registration Process

Step 1: Enter Your Full Name. eg :- Surname - First Name - Father Name
Step 2: Select Class. (11th or 12th or Repeater)
Step 3: Select Subject.

Here You can Select One Subject at a Time ( physics or Chemistry ).
If u want Join both Subject Select Combine(Physics and Chemistry) Option

Step 4: Select Batch Option.
Step 5: Enter your contact Number.
Step 6: Enter password.
Step 7: Enter your Mail ID.
Step 8: Enter your Address Details.
Step 9: Enter Your Parents Contact Number.
Step 10: Select Gender.
Step 11: Enter Paid Registration Amount.(Minimum 2000 Rs.)
Step 12: Click on Submit Button
Step 13: Make Online Payment To Arise Academy

After Payment Process take a screenshot of Payment Transaction.

After Registration Process ! Your Account will verify !Then it will Activate soon!

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Arise Academy Registration Form

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